Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snapdragon and Garden Update

What a difference two months make! When I planted the snapdragon seeds in late January I found it hard to believe that they will take 120 to 140 days from seed to trailing stage. People at Johnny’s Selected Seeds know their stuff, I tell you that much. Their web site has the most detailed description of their seeds and growing instructions on the web and on top of it, their customer service is incredible. Every time I have sent a question by email I had answer within 24 hours. I will be their customer as long as I grow my flowers and veggies, for sure. Right now, I just wish that I could plant into the ground what I grew from seeds . What a weird spring. Anyway, here are some pictures of my winter and spring labor.

Tomato Mountain Magic in 2 Liter (2 quart) carton.

And, of course our Bougainvillea. Incredible plant.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seedlings update, April 15, 2011

Three weeks to go to plant most seedlings outside and our sunroom looks like a nursery already. I have spotted first flowers on tomatoes already but they are sturdy and healthy. This is a Mountain Magic variety from Johnny’s Seeds and they will grow in containers so no worries here. Eggplants are coming along nicely and so are peppers and basil. They all will be right size when the time comes to see the outdoors. As far as flower seedlings go they are ready but have to stay for a while. It looks like that some will have to be moved to a bigger pot and others into final basket or container. Trailing Snapdragons are doing extremely well and so are Lobelia, Black Eyed Susan Vine, Petunia, Zinnia, Cosmos, Nasturtium and Salpiglossis. Yes, there is a jungle in our sunroom. Only plants still under lights are Peppers, Basil, some Tomatoes and Salpiglossis.
Some pictures are few days old.

Mountain Magic tomatoes.

Black Eyed Susan Vine.

Snapdragon Rocket.

Snapdragon Lampion.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Seedlings Update, April 6, 2011

What a crazy and weird spring, if you can call it that, we are having this year. I want some of that Global Warming back and pronto. Some of my seedling flowers are blooming (both Snapdragons and Zinnia), one variety of tomato (Mountain Magic from Johnny’s Seeds) is ready to be planted into a bigger pot or even ground and right now we are having small snow blizzard going on! Looks like I will have to bring another table into our sunroom because lot of the plants will have to be transferred into larger container.

Snapdragons only basket.

Check the 3 nipped tips of snapdragons (pointed long leaves)

I have already done two hanging baskets – one with Snapdragon Lampion seedlings only and one with 4 Lobelias and 3 Snapdragons. Snapdragons are actually cuttings as I saved the snipped tops, dipped them in growing hormone powder and chuck them in the basket. They are doing fantastic and look just like ordinary seedlings.

Nasturtium, Lobelia, Cosmos and Snapdragons.

Red Pearl Millet, Thunbergia, Cosmos, Petunia and Zinnia.

 Zinnia in bloom.

 Snapdragon in bloom.
 Nothing leggy about these tomato plants.

Eggplants on left and three variety of peppers.

I need a miracle in order not to lose any of my plants. On the bright side, I am learning!

And, how can I forget our beautiful Bougainvillea! Only 4 leaves and rest is flowers.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Growing from Seeds Update, April 1st, 2011

I think that it is appropriate to post and update on my seedlings on April Fools Day. Some of the flowers were started way too early and in few days our sunroom will look like a garden center in May. Next week many of the plants will be transplanted to their final container or basket and other will be transplanted to bigger container where they wait till transferred into a flower bed. I don’t think that I have too many choices. I have to find out which seedlings I can nip and which I can’t touch.  I’ve already nipped Black Eyed Susan Vine trailers and some Snapdragon Lampion (Trailing) but I am not sure about Snapdragon Rocket which is a traditional straight plant. The packet says that it is grown as a cut flower so I am not sure.
On veggie front the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are nice and robust and grown under lights. They are right on target as far as time line is concerned.
Here are pictures of what starts to look like a jungle.
I almost forgot to mention that Zinnia and Snapdragon are blooming. Oh boy, am I ever in a trouble L

 Tomatoes and peppers, Petunia on left.

 Painted Tongue


 Tomatoes and peppers
 Lobelias, Cosmos (bottom left)

 Snapdragon Lampion. Notice the bloom at left.

 French Taragon (from last year)

 Red Millet (bottom) and Zinnia

Snapdragon in bloom.