Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weeping Mulberry and Japanese Lilac

We had Works Department of our town remove Weeping Mulberry and Japanese Lilac that were planted when house was build 14 years ago on town property. Mulberry was not exactly attractive and healthy and Lilac didn’t flower for last 2 years and was very close to another tree so that it was hard for me to cut grass between and around them. Next year I will have only two trees and one island to go around with my lawn mower! Cool.
Brute force removed the tree in 1 minute...

and left a mess to match.
Lilac's turn. Notice the monster on my wet and soft lawn.

All done.
I am grateful to town Works manager for getting the job done so quickly but I am not exactly thrilled with the mess left behind. Oh well, another garden job before the year is over. I’ll get on it as soon as it warms up again, hopefully next week.


S├ębastien said...

I love trees. Well, not all trees. I have to admit I can be picky when it comes to species though. I love having trees on my property. I find it comforting. Gives me a sense of security. Figure it out. I have a small property so they're proportional.

Tillsonburgarian said...

Well, at last count we have planted 28 trees. Minus 2.. We are still ahead with 26 trees.