Monday, May 16, 2011

Final Vegetable Seedlings Update

The vegetable garden is planted and doing fine. Some tomato plants already have a fruits size of a pea and peppers are fruiting as well, just a bit smaller. Last 2 days was quite cold, high of 7 °C, and raining non-stop for over 48 hours. Not too good for hot weather loving peppers, tomatoes and eggplants. Peas are growing nicely and so does garlic and all the herbs. Last week I have planted seeds for yard long Chinese beans and yellow bush beans but no sign of sprouts, too early I think. I already have second harvest ready patch of Arugula and Mizuno greens as well as bunching onions that grew in my cold frame through whole winter. They were planted last November.

Note: Big Thank You has to go to Marjo for transplanting most of the seedlings into pots, baskets and ground. I did the tomatoes and banana peppers, that’s all.

Tomatoes Montain Magic, Sweet Baby Girl and Margharita.

(L-R) Lemon Grass, Pimento and Red to Green Peppers (clay pots and boxes), tomato Mountain Magic and Eggplants Gretel.

Red Banana Peppers and trellises for Yard long Beans (top) and Yellow Bush Beans.

Snow Peas.

Mizuno & Arugula greens, bunching onions.

Garlic and French Chives, Parsley, red-Green Scallions in bed.
Thai Basil, Rosemary, French Tarragon,Marjoram and Bay Laurel in pots.

Cosmos at bottom, French Tarragon and in the back my garlic strip.

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