Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flower Garden Update June 16, 2011

Most of the plants I grew from seeds are in the bloom now with the exception of Rudbeckia (Cone Flower), Echinacea and Hollyhocks (from last year seedlings), Jasmine Scented Nicotiana (Tobacco Plant) and some Salpiglossis. Interesting thing about Salpiglossis (Painted Tongue) is that even though I have planted mix only blooms I have are yellow. I really like the red and blue ones because they are so spectacular, just like a stained glass. Actually, in some places they are called Stained Glass Flower. Purple Millet is just beautiful and so is Snapdragon Rocket mix. They are already almost 5 feet tall. Lobelia is growing nicely in all containers and shows white, purple and blue flowers. I guess it is too early for a full bloom, the small flowers are still quite sparse.
Our Heuchera collection is in full bloom and will stay that way till late fall. Again, just a beautiful display of miniature flowers in all shades of red, cream and green.
Hemerocalis collection is ready to bloom and judging by the number of buds it will be spectacular.
“Climbing PiƱata” rose is really eye catching; it has the best and most blooms since we have planted it 4 years ago. Very interesting rose, the blooms start red and then gradually turn blazing orange. I hate to use the word “spectacular” but that’s what this rose is.
Next post I will show individual flowers in close-up.

Left to right: Nicotiana, Salpiglosis, Petunia. Back row: Snapdragon, Purple Millet and Zinnia.

Hemerocalis and Heuchera.

Heuchera section.

Hollyhocks in front and Snapdragons.

Purple Millet and Dinner Plate Dahlia in center.

Lobelia Mix.

Climbing Pinata.

Snapdragon Lampion.

Bottom stairs Lobelias, 2nd stair Sunny Smile Sunflower (L) and Salpoglosis (R), 3rd stair Hemerocalis and on top Zinnias. Hanging basket is Calibrachoa Million Bells.

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