Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun with Camera – September 1st

Few days ago I have noticed new tenant in our Japanese Garden pool – beautiful frog that I still have to identify. What struck me, besides colors on frog’s body, was how tame it was. I could come within few feet of him/her and it never moved, just a perfect camera subject. It gave me a chance to try my new 1.4X tele-lens extender for a real close-up shot. I am happy with the quality of this lens, very happy.

At the other end of focal lengths are micro lenses. I used one to take pictures of bee and “Black & Yellow Garden Spider” (Argiope aurantia). (Yup, that’s the spider’s name.) Day before, I took picture of the very same spider in same net dismembering white cabbage butterfly. The fact that I had a lens just inches away didn’t bother him one bit, he just kept removing the wings from body.

Walk around the garden with couple lenses stuck in your west and you never know what you will see.

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