Thursday, September 29, 2011

Veggie Garden Update, September 29, 2011

This willbe one of the last updates, I guess. There is nothing more to do than to collectrest of the tomatoes, pick all green and red peppers and I don’t really knowhow long I can pick snow and snap peas. They still produce lots of flowers andpods but with the weather cooling down and daylight being quite shorter I amnot sure if it is worth it to keep those few experimental plants going. It doeslook like that I will pull out everything sometime next week. Of course thearugula and green onions will stay in cold frame and I will have fresh greensway past Christmas, just like I had last 3 years.
I almostforgot about my garlic! Bed is ready and I will be planting in two weeks or so.Right now everything is so wet! So far this month we had over 6 inches of rain! Whata weird year it was. Makes one wonder what the winter will bring. Better notthink about it!

 The peas are still doing great...

 and so are red and green peppers.

Tomatoes do look a bit tired, though. They produced so much this year!
Arugula is doing fine and I will cover the cold frame early in November. I will be picking fresh greens till well after Christmas.


The Turnbulls said...

Your garden looks great! Miss the open fields in Tillsonburg and the longer growing season...we traded it in for the ruggedness of the North.

Jerry said...

Thanks, Turnbulls!
How far North did you move?