Saturday, February 26, 2011

Orchid Collection

This is something that I have absolutely nothing to do with, except on occasion encouraging my wife to buy more. Unfortunately or is it fortunately, space is limited and so is the collection. From what I see, orchids are complicated but beautiful plants. I didn’t know that they don’t like direct sun in general but when you think about it there isn’t too much direct sun close to the jungle floor so it is logical. Orchid and rose gardening are specialty fields, something that I don’t have too much patience for, I am afraid, even though I have done very well with growing heritage Victorian climbing roses from cuttings. I will have a post about them when they start to bloom.
Here is a mini gallery of Marjo’s orchids and I will update as each starts to bloom.

All the orchids that Marjo grows are Phalaenopsis.

I forgot to mention that I have made all of the orchid pots pictured at top. All of them are my original design and hand build with stoneware clay using slab construction and fired and glazed at cone 6.

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