Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bougainvillea is back to its old tricks.

After we have cut back the plant into bonsai shape and size and before we have repotted it, our Bougainvillea went through very predictable cycles beginning with having only leaves followed by losing some leaves and starting to flower. Then it would loose all the leaves, this scared us first time it happened, and open hundreds of pinkish red flowers. It would be in flower for a very long time. Gradually the plant will start loosing flowers and small pale green leaves start appearing. Eventually the leaves will displace all the flowers and Bougainvillea will become a regular tree. Shortly after the cycle starts all over again. After re-potting it has changed the usual cycle completely, it had a large leaves and flowers all at the same time and for a long period of time. Then about a week ago it started to revert back to regular cycles. Right now it has lost almost all the leaves and started to grow lots of flowers. The leaves fell very quickly, it took only 3 days. I have read somewhere that they are in full bloom around spring and fall Equinox, and this is our experience as well. However, I think that it will not be in full bloom for another 2 weeks or so.
It is a very interesting plant with unusual cycle. I will update every major change.

Right now, there are dozens of these small flower clusters.

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