Saturday, March 5, 2011

Growing from seeds update.

Last 2 weeks have been very busy and full of surprises, most of them good. Actually, I had only 2 bad surprises, both involving trailing snapdragons. 1st was discovery of damaged leaves; they looked like something was eating them. Problem solved after I have sprayed with horticultural spray about a week ago and they look terrific. Second, after reading posts about Jiffy pots on Garden Web, was realization that I could have left the sock on my snappies when I transplanted them into hanging basket. That could have spelled death to seedlings. I poked around and sure enough, they were still there. All pots were carefully removed, sock removed and replanted in same basket. I’m happy to say that 5 days later they are looking pretty good.

Here is picture of my leftover snapdragons. I will make a mixed baskets with them.
Very positive surprise was Lobelia that was supposed to take 20 days to germinate and to my shock I saw first green fuzz on 5th day! Here is a picture of what hey look like on day 7. I might see flowers come end of May after all.
Zinnia was another early germinating plant, 4 days only. Both were on a heat mat set at 29 °C. They are now in a cooler part of tray, replaced by peppers and eggplants. They like it hot J.
Salpiglossis were another surprise. They germinated after 8 days, first 4 in dark and then under light. The packet said to keep in dark but last year it didn’t work for me so I planted another batch, under lights and they all germinated. This year I went half and half just to see what happens and it worked. Go figure.
 The Thunbergia (Black Eyed Suzan Vine) is a mixed bag. Even though they germinated in half time listed the rate was only 44% - only 4 out of 9 seeds planted, but they do well and 4 plants is just about all I will need. No spares for neighbors this year.
Not a bad week. Now I’ll wait for peppers and eggplants.

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