Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Growing from Seeds Update March 9, 2011

All is fine and well with maybe one exception: the trailing snapdragons that I have transplanted to hanging basket pot are growing a lot slower then snapdragons transplanted into 3” and 4” individual pots. These are same seeds but growing really fast. Also, all seeds planted into 1-1/2” cells in 9 packs are doing very well. Next year all my plants will be started in these cells or, as I have just learned, using winter sowing method in soft drink bottles and left outside. I think that I will run it as a parallel experiment.
Here is a pictorial story.

Two weeks ago I snipped top of one trailing snapdragon and decided to do small experiment. I soaked one Jiffy pot, dipped the stem of snipped top into a growth powder, made small hole in pot, pushed it in and pushed the peat moss in to close the hole. Since then I just kept it moist and it doubled in size in 10 days! Do you think it will survive?

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